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Jun. 2nd, 2016 10:34 am
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Crewman Milly Baelheit - Incipen
Field Medic
Nomo Deck #002


Jun. 2nd, 2016 10:40 am
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will pretty this up laterrrr
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Name: Madi
Pronoun: she/her
Email address: runawayballista@gmail.com
Preferred contact: [plurk.com profile] runawayballista (preferred), AIM: timetravelresetbaby
Other characters: NONE........ YET

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Name: loliver
Preferred pronoun: ladies please
Preferred means of contact: like you don’t know where to find me YOU KNOW WHERE I SLEEP
Any other characters currently in-game? hOW MANY SPOONS DO YOU THINK I HAVE

Name: Milly (Milliarde)
Source: Baten Kaitos Origins
Canon point: Sometime after the conclusion of the game, after Milly and Sagi moved to Mira
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Colour: #FF6666
Chumhandle: bombSheltered

The daughter of a wealthy scientist-slash-senator, Milly grew up in Mintaka, the capital city of the Alfard Empire. She was pretty much your run-of-the-mill pampered rich girl with an adventurous streak. When she was very young (about two), one of her father’s Terrible Genetic Experiments went Terribly Wrong and broke loose, killing her mother. Milly was also severely injured, but her dad fixed her with MACHINA and now Milly has shiny brass robot parts inside her.

About 15 years later, when Sagi and Guillo were framed for the murder of Emperor Olgan, Milly acted as a spy for her father and befriended them to...spy...on them. ADVENTURES HAPPENED and Milly found herself really enamored of her new friends and considerably less sympathetic to her dad’s Well-Intentioned Extremism. Then all hell broke loose, her cover was blown (BUT HER FRIENDS FORGAVE HER), and her dad went off the deep end with his well-intentioned machinations (HA HA HA get it). MORE ADVENTURE FIGHTYTIME STUFF HAPPENED: her dad died, the guy they thought was the good guy turned out to be EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE, some weird time travel spirit bullshit fightytime shenanigans happened, and then Milly and Sagi just barely escaped from the exploding mechanical island with Guillo’s head, mission impossible style.

After that they decided to settle down in the quiet town of Balancoire, Mira THE END

Personality: Milly is pushy, bossy, and a little self-righteous at times. For someone who's been "sheltered" her whole life, she's unexpectedly tough and tenacious. Some might wonder if she was raised in a bomb shelter. Despite all this, though, she's a good person at heart, if not a little misguided, and, well, a teenager. Which means, of course, that she has a tendency to sometimes be a little judgmental -- first impressions really stick with her, and while it's not impossible for her opinion to change, it does take some time. She's got a pretty well-defined moral code, and it's very important to her -- a big part of this is her steadfast belief that it is the duty of the strong to protect the weak and abused. She considers herself to be one of "the strong" and is constantly on a quest to protect those she sees needing protection -- this applies to social interactions as well. She does not stand for bullying in any way shape or form -- in fact, it's one of the things that truly gets her going on her moral high horse (and her butt-kicking, sometimes). She likes to have her opinions heard, and hates being talked over.

Despite her appearance, Milly enjoys physical activity -- quite a bit, and especially if it involves beating on things when she's in a mood. She's pretty tough, physically and emotionally, and while she's a pretty smart gal and has a decent grasp of diplomacy, she can totally make peace with the fact that sometimes violence is the answer. She's not afraid to get her hands dirty -- unless it's, you know, actual dirt. Despite her being totally okay with getting sweaty (as long as she gets a shower right after), she is not fond of dirt, or the outdoors themselves. She can't stand outdoor activities, especially the kind that takes place farther away from the conveniences of civilization; while her pampered upbringing granted her a yearning for adventure, it's also made her quite spoiled in terms of getting down and dirty with Nature. She does not get along with nature, hates camping, and does not have the best experiences with animals. She's not very fond of animals anyway, especially not birds and fish.

Her sheltered upbringing has made her a bit spoiled, at times, and though she's good-hearted, she might come off as a bit self-centered where she simply doesn't realize the implications for others. And despite the endless hours of etiquette training, she doesn't tend to cover up her feelings -- she's very forward and genuine with people concerning her feelings. She's decent at keeping a straight face in most situations, but times when she's sad, upset, or dismayed, that skill seems to disappear. Milly can get easily frustrated when she has a difficult time succeeding; she considers herself quite talented, so when a hurdle comes up, her frustrations often get the best of her before she has a chance to figure out a solution. The more frustrated, upset, or angry she gets, the more she wants to put her foot through a door.

Abilities & physical limitations: Milly is very competent physically, with excellent strength and constitution. She’s a skilled fighter with melee weapons and hand-to-hand combat, and she gets fairly acrobatic in battle with the assistance of her wings. She also has a ROBOT TORSO uh I mean, she has some machina parts in her that her dad had put in when she was small, due to a horrible accident that was the result of an equally horrible experiment (though not on her). The machina parts are purely structural, though, and you wouldn’t know by looking at her (although she might be suspiciously heavy).
Appearance: http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20090516181439/batenkaitos/images/3/34/Milliarde.jpg
Notable AU differences, if applicable: N/A

Strife Specibus: 2xclubkind (dual wields clubs and their ilk)
Prototyping: GUILLO’S HEAD
Title: Queen of Might
In-game abilities: KUNG FU POWERS, BASICALLY
no uh
basically strength and durability boosts and inexplicable FIGHTING PROWESS BOOSTS
so yeah, kung fu powers
Planet: Land of Wings and Lightning
Despite the implication the planet is fairly bright -- giant butterfly wings dot the grassy landscape, which is full of high cliffs and precipices, and the wings refract light from Skaia at various angles all around the planet, resulting in bright and pretty patterns everywhere. Lightning streaks here and there across the cloudless sky, adding to the sparkling charm LOWAL. The planet’s consorts are little yellow monkey-like creatures that gibber and chitter senselessly to one another for hours on end, and have a penchant for stealing objects they find glinting in the light.
LOWAL’s Denizen is Leda, a red and yellow bird of monstrous proportions. Leda has built her nest in one of the large cliffs and has disrupted the local ecosystem, feeding on both the plentiful grasses the monkeys eat and the monkeys themselves. She swoops down on the small monkey settlements from time to time, snatching the consorts up in her enormous talons.


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